Thursday, May 7, 2009

This time last year

This time last year I was waiting for my period to come and thinking how fun it would be to be able to tell my parents we were pregnant on Mothers Day (haven't we all been there?) what a great present that would be. Last year on Mothers day I took a pregnancy test and it was negative, I then proceeded to be 5 days late and then AF had the decency to show her ugly face. This Mothers Day I am due to get my period, that day.... sometimes life is cruel. And I don't know which would be worse, if she shows on Mothers Day or she shows late. Because I dont think I can go the whole day waiting and hoping and dreaming only for her to show on Monday. But I just don't know if on Mothers day of all days I have the strength and energy to deal with another failed month.

Or maybe I'll have to go out and buy that "I love my Grandma" bib after all.... I am rocking some serious bloat


  1. Thanks for your sweet comment! I still can't believe I'm doesn't seem real. I was supposed to have HSG done this month & instead I'm pregnant. I just can't believe it. I will be praying for you & all the girls TTC! I couldn't wait until Mother's Day to tell my mom! I think my daddy got her a "Grandma" card though. My mom is already freaking out, ha. I know your time will come soon girl!

  2. i am praying for you this week along with all the other women TTC. i pray God will comfort and give you strength during this time.

    i know your little miracle is coming!!

  3. I'm writing this on Mother's Day; my heart has been burdened with your pain. I have been beseeching God to hug you and all the other women in the world who long to be mothers or who can't hold their children in this world (because of placing them for adoption or losing them to miscarriage, stillbirth, or death after birth). I pray that today has been and will continue to be a hopeful day for you, hope in what God is going to do in your life and hope in heaven, where all our tears will be wiped away forever.