Sunday, April 19, 2009

The HSG went great, well as great as those things can go I guess. It really wasn't bad at all, not nearly as bad as I had thought it might be or I had read it might be. The worst part was getting the speculum in place and the catheter inserted. The test showed nice clear tubes and a perfectly fine uterus! There is no way to tell if my tubes were previously blocked and the pressure of the dye unblocked them or if they have always been clear but whichever they are open for business now! I am hoping maybe they were blocked and this was the key. I have had some mild cramping over the last day or so and some discharge but otherwise I'd say the HSG was a walk in the park.

In other news I got the bill for my bloodwork.... $350!! I had a minor freak out and am trying not to worry about it until I call them on Monday, there has to be some mistake, can that really be true? Dear Lord I hope not. If thats how much two tubes of blood cost what in the word is my HSG going to cost. We are going to be so broke. But my dear calm husband said "don't worry about it, if you get pregnant after this will it be worth it?" to which I said "of course" but how about we get pregnant and have some money left over? No? It doesn't work that way? So please pray it was an oops on the insurance companies part, oh and while you're talking to the big guy how about a little bit of love for my uterus this month.


  1. my friend is a radiologist and performs HSG regularly on/for women who have been trying, and he swears they get pregnant the next month. plus, i actually do know someone where that happened. and the papers they gave me before i went in, say it is possible that it increases fertility for the next 3 months!! yeah!! so go get knocked up!! :)

  2. Hi! I saw you on the prayer list (from Kellys Korner) & just wanted to stop by & say I'm praying for you :) We are struggling also & are seeing a fertility specialist now. I have been off BC for two & half years & have been diagnosed with PCOS. I take 1000 mg of Metformin daily & the doctor said I can't take the Clomid anymore b/c I've taken it to many times. I'm hoping this new doctor will do wonders for us. I have faith that maybe this will be our year & hopefully yours too! God Bless!


    PS - Im having my HSG within the next 2 weeks. I'm supposed to call the radiologist as soon as my cycle starts!