Sunday, May 24, 2009

So for the most part I have been feeling great. I almost wish I wasn't feeling so great so that my anxious mind could rest a little easier *remind me of this in a few weeks when my head is stuck neck deep in a toilet*
Here is what I have been feeling so far
1. I am rockin some serious bloat, as I wrote before I had this for about a week *maybe more* prior to my BFP and was one of the only indicators that I might actually be knocked up this time. I mean it's serious people. After about 5pm Mama is having to unbutton her jeans or change into sweatpants. Hubs says we better start telling people soon since I look 3 months pregnant or just stop leaving the house in the evening *isn't he sweet? :)*
2. I have to pee all the time, this started almost immediatly. I am usually up atleast once at night too which never used to happen.
3. I have had some lower abdominal cramping and lower back pain
4. The boobs just started hurting last week, its not horrible but it's definitely noticable and worse at night without a bra. And I defintely have the blue veiny mappings going on.... so hot I tell you
5. I have started to feel a little queasy, mostly when I have an empty stomach and usually my raging appetite wont let me go more then a few hours without chowing down.
Thats it for now. We have told a few of our closest friends and our immediate family but I think we will hold off on telling anyone else until after my first appointment. Oh and my boss knows.


  1. My hubby and I kist got a BFP too! We're either due late January or early February - I can't wait! I think we are feeling about the same... I already can't fit into any of my pants! Do you know when you are due yet?

  2. Hey - I nominated you for an award - check my blog!

  3. I just had my first appointment (yay!), and am thinking about you. Good luck tomorrow!