Monday, June 15, 2009

Remember when I said to remind me that I wished I was feeling a little worse? Well shoot me in the head.... no seriously.

Right around the 7 week mark this whole pregnancy thing took a serious turn down "no fun lane" I have been absolutely miserable.... all day nausea, evil/violent puking, not sleeping, mood swings, exhaustion. And before anyone leaves me a comment about what a brat I am for complaining about my pregnancy symptoms, I absolutely agree. And there is not a day or a moment that goes by where I am not so extremely thankful to God for this blessing, I just wish there was also a moment now and then were I did not feel like I got run over by a semi.

Thus the lack of blogging, or much of anything besides working, vegging on the couch and becoming intimate with the toilet. I had my first appointment last week. The Dr said everything looked great and since they did a pregnancy test, and I have not received a phone call to say "hey moron you aren't really pregnant" I am assuming that the bun is still cookin away in there. My office doesn't do ultrasounds routinely until 18-20 weeks (which is insane) and since my insurance is, how should we say this, BALLS we have to pay for everything out of pocket so I am not really pressuring him for one any sooner but my goodness 20 weeks is an eternity. And what if I was having twins? I would find out halfway through my pregnancy? So resourceful diva that I am I will be hitting up the free pregnancy clinic this week for a sneak peek at the little bug. And I am not even going to play the unwed teen mother trick, I am going to go with my husband in tow and beam like the proud mama that I am, all the while pissing my pants with nervousness.

I think after the debut of the bug later this week the cat is going to come out of the bag. It has been so hard hiding this for so long (yes I know 9.5 weeks is not THAT long) and hard faking feeling like a human when I feel like death.


  1. So glad to see an update. I've been praying for ya!

  2. Have you tried B6 vitamins? My Dr. told me to do that, and it has helped A LOT. I also spilled the beans to my coworkers today... I'm just too happy to keep it a secret!