Friday, April 3, 2009

I'm frustrated. I went to schedule my post coital test earlier this week when I thought I was getting a surge and apparently my Dr failed to mention all of the instructions when he was on the phone with me a few weeks ago. Apparently you need to abstain for at least three days prior to the test. What self respecting infertile woman is abstaining from knocking uglies around they time they ovulate?!?? Not me so of course when the woman went through the pre-procedure checklist I totally failed when she said "and you haven't had sex in the last three days right?" and I said "umm if you don't count last night!" haha! She was the sweetest lady I have ever talked to at my Drs office, so sweet and helpful in fact that I might request her every time I call there! No seriously I just might. She was so apologetic and seemed genuinely sorry that my Dr is such a not into details guy. Don't get me wrong I love him to pieces and I know he will feel bad when he realizes but honestly he just is not a details guy. So the lady sent me a copy of the instructions for that and the HSG that I am going to have in two weeks. The thing that stinks is next month I am going to be out of town during ovulation again, and for a longer time so I really don't think there is any chance of getting in for this test until at least May. This is exactly what I was dreading about starting this whole infertility workup. Life is just too busy for shenanigans like this!

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  1. i'm sorry you didn't get a chance to have the pc test.

    continuing to pray for you:)