Thursday, April 16, 2009


So after a big time fiasco I am going in for my HSG tomorrow. Despite all the headache (more about that in a minute) it is ending up working out perfectly, I was able to get someone to cover the last part of my shift for me and the appointment is right in the same building and I'll have the evening and part of the morning on Saturday to recover should it be painful. I have heard mixed reviews on the amount of crampiness and the duration of the discomfort but I am figuring I have got to have had periods that were worse then it will be.

So day 27, otherwise known as the day I have been getting my period on for the last oh I don't know 8 months in a row was on Sunday. This put me in line to have the HSG somewhere between Thursday and Monday (which kind of stinks since two of those days fall on the weekend) Monday was out because I had to work all day and could not find anyone to switch with me, so that left Thursday and Friday. Well Sunday my period did not come, good news when you are TTC bad news when you get a BFN. So I was frustrated since then that took Thursday out of the running and I am going out of town on Tuesday so that only left Friday IF I got my period Monday. Well you probably see where this is going, Monday comes and still no sign of AF. I am starting to panic thinking I am not going to get in for the test before I have to go out of town and another month would be wasted. So Monday afternoon I get a little spotting and think "oh good it should be here any minute" and I call to schedule the HSG telling the lady that today was day 1, she goes ahead and schedules me for Friday (which works great) well then I don't end up getting my period and no more spotting. Tuesday- nothing. So by lunch time Tuesday I am starting to really panic thinking 1. I am not going to be able to do the test and 2. I am going to have to call and tell the lady I tried to be sneaky to get in on time and it totally back fired or 3. by some miracle I really am pregnant and won't even need the test (by far the most appealing of the three) but Tuesday afternoon AF finally showed. So technically tomorrow is day 4 and the test is supposed to be between day 5 and 10 but that's really only to make sure you aren't pregnant and you haven't ovulated and I am covered on all accounts. Plus I am already done bleeding so I am not even going to tell them about it. Wish me luck!!

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