Thursday, June 18, 2009

I am so bummed. They called me from the clinic yesterday and told me they needed to reschedule my ultrasound for today. They wanted to fit me in for next week but we will be out of town so the earliest they could do it was the following week (two weeks away) (because they only do the free training U/S on Thursdays). So needless to say I was really disappointed, going from thinking I was having my first U/S today to having to wait two more weeks. And I'm already waiting till 12 weeks to have the stupid thing while all the rest of the Mama's got a glimpse of their cuties at like 6 weeks.... not fair. And I had to call in a favor to get tonight off of work and now its all for nothing.

Well, they call me again today and say "oh sorry there was a scheduling error and we can't fit you in in two weeks" so now I can't go till July 21st!!!!! More then a month away. I'll be 14 weeks, and only 4-6 weeks away from finally having my first one at the Drs office. I know their free and its a free clinic so I shouldn't complain but this is the 3rd appointment time I've had to set up with them. And I had to switch with a girl at work just to get this date free, but I didn't dare try to find another time or I'd be pushed back into August.they may cancel on my yet again! And the So right now I should be holding a picture of my cute little bean but instead I'm sitting in my jammies watching a chick flick.

* Update: Hubs called another free clinic (a different organization) near where he works and talked to a lady he knows who said she can get me in Monday afternoon!! Yay for hubs. And yay for not having to wait a whole nother month to see this baby.


  1. OMG - I would not be able to wait that long! What a good husband for finding another place!