Thursday, March 19, 2009

Mixed Emotions

So we got the call on Monday that hubs semen analysis came back beautiful. Completely normal motility and morph and volume. I am so thankful that this was the case. I just kept praying that if something was going on that it would be with me. I don't know why it was so important to me. I guess because I knew he'd be devastated and upset and no amount of convincing would make him believe that I didn't blame him or think less of him. And if it was with him then we'd immediately be skipping a lot of steps and going straight to the hard treatments. And I was also assuming that it would be with me since I have good ole endometriosis on my side. But my blood work came back completely normal. I guess that was is an answer to prayer and a blessing but if I was going to have something come up in the search for the cause of this infertility I would have wanted it to be in this blood work stage. Maybe a nice hormone imbalance *not downplaying that at all* but something that I could take some pills or a suppository or something. But no dice. And maybe every test and every step will bring up nothing, maybe this is going to be unexplained or maybe its just going to take a really long time without there ever really being a reason. So next step is checking out the cervical mucus during ovulation and a HSG.... bring on the fun!!


  1. Glad to hear the SA came back good! That's a huge plus. You mentioned that you have endo in your family- have you ever had a lap? All of my testing in our first year was normal: hormone levels, all blood work, even my HSG was perfect. We were diagnosed with unexplained infertility...until I had a lap 2 months ago and severe endo was found. If everything else comes back normal, it might be worth asking your doc about an exploratory lap.

  2. Found your blog through another and just wanted to let you know I am praying for you and your husband!

    God Bless,

  3. so glad to hear the SA came back good!! wanted you to know that i was diagnosed with "unexplained infertility" and had a Lap done just like Kerri and they found severe endo on my right ovary. e-mail me any time you want to chat or have questions.

    continuing to pray for you everyday!!

  4. Thanks so much for your kind words girls! Kerri and Jennifer to answer your question yes I had a lap done 8 years ago to diagnose me with endo but have been treated with BC even before then. So this is very likely due to that but my Dr would like to rule everything out first before doing another lap.

  5. I can completely relate to everthing you just wrote about. i was so glad to hear my husband was good, for him, and that we wouldn't have to go right to the big guns. i actually prayed it would be me, i felt it was/is more fixable. thank you for your prayers. i will be doing the same for you!