Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A little 12dpo fun

This afternoon I started with some lower abdominal cramping and tonight I had a small amount of spotting, just a tiny streak of brown (you know you wanted to know) AF is due to arrive Saturday. I'm not falling for it, I'd love to think its implantation bleeding, I might even play that one up in my mind for oh about 5 minutes but I also know that its more then likely just a trick and my 2ww insanity. Maybe I'll test on Friday just for fun, but then AF is sure to come once I've wasted the money for the stupid test.... oh but I do have that free one from my OPK :)


  1. I have found pregnancy tests at Dollar Tree and 99 Cent Only stores for, of course, a dollar. Also, I bought pregnancy tests off ebay for about $1 each (in sets of 5 or 10). The ones from ebay don't come with fancy packaging, but they were 100% accurate for me.

    Trying to conceive is frustrating! I'm praying for you and checking your blog every day or two.

  2. i wanted to thank you for your sweet comment on my blog and the prayers that you lifted up for me and my husband. i want you to know that i have added you to my blog list and will continue to pray for the miracle God will bless you with.

    extra prayers for you this week:)