Monday, August 24, 2009

19 weeks

* I have been slacking, but so have you commentors :) I will try to get a picture up here soon*

How far along? 19 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: up 4lbs.... woot woot!!
Sleep: Ugh horrible, I feel like all I do is toss and turn and I can't get comfortable
Best moment this week: this is a tie between feeling Little Beans first kicks and getting a beautiful report at our anatomic scan
Movement: Started at 18 weeks with flutters and movement and then the night before our ultrasound I felt my first kicks, it was the greatest thing ever
Food cravings: nothing lately, mashed potatoes if I had to name something
Gender: I am leaning towards boy, hubs was on team girl until the us and then switched teams... we aren't finding out and stayed strong through the US when she asked us if we wanted to find out.
Labor Signs: None.
Belly Button in or out? In
What I miss: bending over without a big bulge in the way
What I am looking forward to: Registering tomorrow!!
Weekly Wisdom: Take your pre pregnancy weight and add 30lbs and then get that number stuck in your head, it will make the weight loss less shocking
Milestones: Our baby passed the anatomical scan with flying colors, all his/her parts look great!!

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  1. i can't believe ya'll are holding out on finding out what Little Beans will be:-)

    i'm so glad you are doing well. hang in there and enjoy every minute. it goes by SO fast.